Unity in Faith

The Mission to Move in Unity


June 19th - 21st, 2020

Luke 13:30 the first shall be last and the last shall be first

Conceptual symbol of multiracial human h

3 Day Commitment

The first of many moves of God will begin in Kingston, Jamaica. A gathering of souls seeking to Unify our faith in God as we bridge the gaps of religion. The vision is to welcome the Spirit of Resurrection in our nations. To show the Light of God in our dance, voices and spoken words.
Finally to create an external love lasting relationship that reaches beyond all limitations.  
Street Protest

Day 1 - Kingston, Jamaica

The movement begins with a Parade as we march through the streets of Kingston. Join us in the outward expression of an inward transformation. This is an invitation to praise, worship and demonstrate your Love for God.  Bring your instruments, flags, dance and voices. Use your gifts to lift Him up! Be FREE to give yourself over to the Spirit of Praise and see God beyond religious walls. Breaking the chains of bondage and accepting the freedom of being. We serve One God in Unity.

Day 2 - Portsmore, Jamaica

We will enter the 2nd day with a Processional through the streets via the square. Then Parade from house to house and ending at the Beach of Portsmore. Welcoming those that are willing to enter into an outpouring of love that allows the soul to receive total liberation. Through dance, spoken words and exhortation we will facilitate healing and redemption. Look for a move of God like no other. Expect an atmosphere of miracles. Come with Great Expectations.

Day 3 - Kent Village, Jamaica

We complete our journey with a great expedition, a spiritual awakening through Unity in the Faith. We will gather together at Kent Village Foursquare Church then walk to the Ball Field. Ending at the Rio Cobre River with a continuous ripple of anointing in the Holy Spirit. There will be waves of spiritual movement pushing us all to believe. Creating an opportunity for salvation in freedom. This is the end of the beginning of an outcry to the world to Unify. We tear down ideology, we pull down separatism and welcome inclusion with acceptance.
Join Us. 

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