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Numbers 4:47
From thirty years old and upward even unto fifty years old, every one that came to do the service of the ministry, and the service of the burden in the tabernacle of the congregation.
We answer the call to ministry. If you would like to book us for a event or fellowhship with you, please reach out to us.


In the House

We are invited to teach at multiple ministries throughout the Philadelphia, Delaware and South New Jersey areas. Sharing the Word of God is what we do. Besides worshiping in our own location, our duty is to fellowship in love with the Body of Christ.


On the Internet

Our weekly Bible Studies are help on Skype as well as a conference call line. Our lessons are inspired by the Holy Spirit and open the eyes in revelation and the heart in spiritual circumssion. We encourage questions and comments.


In Audio

Our Weekly Bible Studies are also recorded for archiving. You are welcome to sit at the table with us. Email us on previous sessions with questions or comments.


On Retreat

Yearly we plan retreats in remote places as a time to go into that secret place with God. A time to sibatical and regain what was lost in the world and all its distractions. Our retreats are sometimes just the Women, Men, couples or entire family. Check our events for more information to join us.


On Worship and Meditation Calls

The women get together to share worship songs as we prepare to enter into the presence of God in group meditation. Learning to Listen is a form of prayer and we hold calls to help practice this time with God were He speaks individually unto us and we Listen.

We support one another and listen to each others requests of the Lord. Listen closely as we shape the atmosphere with freedom in the Spirit of God and respect for our sisterhood. 


Enjoy One Love.

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