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Our vision is to bring the Word of God in a simple way that will ignite a desire in you to seek wisdom, knowledge, understanding and a closer walk with God. We want you to discover your true self and your purpose for being. We want to see questions asked and answers received.

Our Mission


... is to teach and direct souls to a new spiritual elevation. 

To help guide the minds of those that are seeking truth in the Word of God, and to build up the body of Christ by uplifting each member. 

To teach, preach, evangelize & prophesy. 

To enlighten members of the Body of Christ with revelation and worship. 

To perform the will of God on Earth. 

To build a strong foundation based on the teachings of Christ. 

To continue the work of the apostles and encourage the creation of ministry. 

To awaken the world to the sins of the mind. 

To teach that by grace you are saved.

10 General Orders (to accomplish mission)


Scriptures based on:

Prayer, Fasting, & Meditation

Mercy & Grace

Mission of Christ




Blood of the lamb

Fruits of the Spirit

Baptism, Fire & Water

Dedication & Love (1Peter 1:22)


2010 - present

2010 - present

Offices of Ministry


 Community Affairs                                              Book Club

 The ministry elevating members                      Theological Studies/History

 Bible Study                                                          OutReach

 Prayer Night (Prayer Partners)                          Intercessory Prayer

 Children's Sunday School                                  Teaching & Praying on Gifts of the Spirit

 Men's Fire Squad (men's ministry)                   Family Night

 Women's Deliverance (women's ministry)       Couples Retreat

 Next Generation (teen's ministry)                     Spirtual Expression (artistic ministry)                  The Elder's (50+ mature ministry)

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