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Release Me

A Spiritual Woman's Journey

Matthew 7:14

Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadth unto life, and few be that find it.

October 21st, 2017

10am - 4:30pm  

200 Argyle Rd. Ardmore, Pennsylvania


Join Us as we gather together with women from across the tri-state area in an intimate setting. We invite you to take a spiritual journey as we share testimony, dance, praise, worship, inspire, teach and bask in the presence of the Lord.

Gentlemen, please note: This event is an invitation for women only, viewing of this event will be available on this site at a later time.



10:00am        Registration

10:30am        Doors Open

11:25am        Main Session

12:55pm        Lunch

1:35pm          Praise Dance Workshop

2:15pm          Main Session

3:55pm          Prayer


4:05pm          Panel Discussion

Minervita Rivera

Inspirational Speaker

Prayer Warrior

Mindy Haas

Inspirational Speaker


Nadine Miller-Campell

Inspirational Speaker

Praise Dance Leader

Author & Poet

Pastor Summer Allen

Prophetic Counsel


Screen & Playwright

Musical Artists

Jennel Rodriguez


Evangelist Jacquline Williams


Please register after purchasing a ticket. Groups must register individually

Winner of our flash sale to be announced!

Purchase Early!!!

Tickets at the door are $60

Group of  4 - rate $35 each but register individual

Individual Tickets

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